Bhagvad Gita and Me

Symptoms of Bhakti (2)

Yeah ! I found ‘Her’ 

When the horizon went red, I fell down,
Life was frustrating, and I was her clown.

Everywhere I searched, I found null,
Darkness all around, my heart was dull.

I read novels, Aristotle and Tolstoy,
It came over, made me a bad boy.

for perfection I was searching, very hard,
I got nothing, except an yellow card.

Just like Aghasura, a giant of blue eyes,
Ignorance gulped me, I had no choice.

Like a pendulum, I was moving,
But I realized, this is just a beginning.

Excellence and bliss, coming from where ?
I had nothing but emptiness, I was very scared.

I went to teachers, masters and a scholar,
It gave me a big ‘No’, not a single dollar !

My mind was thirsty, but I got nay,
I was searching, but there was no way.

Above in the skies, beneath the land,
Asking to the oceans, looking at the sand.

I was seeking here there and everywhere,
Not a single smile, surely it was rare.

but on that day, yes, I got the answer,
I got a book, which finished by cancer.

Bhagvad Gita, I got, it was beautiful,
Forgot to be dude, it thought to be ‘cool’.

It gifted me life, everuthing became mine,
what I got nowhere, I got in some time.

Truly I cannot say, how I felt,
my mind started dancing, my heart started to melt.

Believe me, I knew. I was freed,
Of the love, it saw a seed.

In the complete darkness, there was light,
in fraction of seconds, everything became bright.

I know you need, the same bliss,
give it a chance, don’t let it miss.

When it becomes blue, It makes me mad,
gita comes like a momma, and like a dad.

When there is no one for tender care,
Gita shares her bliss, all other becomes mare.

I cry loud, It attacks and I can’t bear,
Gita comes to me, to wipe my tear.

I got a best friend, very very good,
Show back to the world, it is truly very rude.

Momma Gita calls me, to sleep on her lap,
I feel great, it destroys each trap.

I have understood, she is my life,
without her there is no life,
without her, there is no life….

Symptoms of Bhakti (3)


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